Air Duct Cleaning DIY process

If you have been noticing a decrease in the cooling of your house, then chances are that the dirty ducts of the central AC system need to be cleaned. Not cleaning ducts on time would increase your power bill and also impact the health of those living inside the house.

So in this article tell you how to clean the ducts by yourself without the need of professionals.

1. The first step advice to first clean the registers through which air flows into the room. This can be done by a simple paper towel and removing register from their places. While doing this, run a fan of the cooling system by turning off the call option.
2. Next is to clean the air filter by knocking the dust of the air filter with a brush. Air filter stores a lot of dust on its surface and it efficiently reduces if not cleaned properly and regularly.
3. Take a long brush mounted on a stick and clean inside the duct. Free particles in the air to settle down and whenever the cooling and heating are turned on this particle gets blown into the room.
4. After cleaning the ducts with a brush, it is advisable to use a vacuum for the particles, dust suspended in the air, and also stuck on the walls, corners, surface of the duct. This would also remove mold growing in the air ducts.
5. Buy now most of the particles would have been cleaned. It’s important yourself during the entire claim process do it is always advisable to get help from professionals.

Chances are that most of the dust and dirt particles get removed by this simple cleaning process but if you realize the cleaning process is too complex for you or some component is damaged, then its better to call the professionals of this company.

Pro Air Duct Cleaning Columbus is dedicated to providing the best service of air duct cleaning to the residents of Columbus Ohio. Their clients include both homeowners and offices in the city. The company makes sure that while the cleaning process is carried, the homeowners or the employes are not bothered at all. This is made possible by using the latest technology and following procedures of quality. All the sofas and furniture are covered properly to prevent the dust settle on them. The company uses a state of the air filtration system to suck in all the loose particles while also agitating the vents.

The vent covers are also thoroughly cleaned inside and anti-bacterial solution and are made to look as good as new.

We recommended cleaning the air ducts every 2 to 3 years and important to get the ducts inspected if you are planning to buy a new house. Repairing or replacing an HVAC system can cost a lot so better be careful with that.
So, if you need to get the air ducts cleaned and sanitized, then call at this number.

We also schedule our appointments on Sundays.

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