When to clean Air Ducts and cost of Air Duct Cleaning

If you have just moved into a new house and noticed a lot of dust coming of vents or visible growth of mold on air vents, then its time for you to get the air ducts cleaned by professionals. In this article, we will discuss when to clean air ducts, benefits, and the cost of air ducts cleaning.

When to clean air ducts

Though its recommended to get the air ducts of HVAC system cleaned from time to time, if you are unaware of when the last service was done, then look for following signs indicating that its time to get air ducts cleaned:

1. Dust and Dirt Particles

Whenever you start the cooling, then if there is a visible blow of dust and dirt particles from the vents, it’s a clear sign that they have settled inside the vents. You can also see the air filter to get the extent of dirt and dust inside the vents.

2. Air filter

Most HVAC ducts have an air filter to keep the particles from entering the indoors. These filters need to be regularly cleaned as they get clogged with particles on their surface which need to be checked regularly. Also, if you don’t have the air filter in the HVAC system, better if you move ahead with the cleaning.

3.Mold Growth

The growth of mold inside the air ducts would mean that its time for you to clean air duct cleaning experts.

4. Smoker in family

Air ducts suck the air from the rooms for cleaning purposes and if a member of your family or office smokes, then the particles must have been accumulating inside the ducts vents.

Cleaning the air ducts would mean the members of the family would get far cleaner air to breathe and also cooling and heating of the premises. The energy bill also reduces as the system consumes lesser power because of unhindered airflow.

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Cost of Air Duct cleaning

The cost of air ducts cleaning depending on several factors and they are discussed below:

1. If along with cleaning, damaged components are to be repaired or replaced then the cost would be additional than just cleaning.

2. A normal household duct cleaning costs come around $360 and if the number of vents is more than average, then assume $40 extra cost per vent.

3. If the vents are difficult to access resulting in more hours for cleaning, then expect an additional cost of $50 per hour after the normal 3-4 hour cleaning process.

Considering all these factors, assume that the air duct cleaning cost would come close to $500.

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